Micro Greens Range

Did you know Micro Greens provide 4 to 40 times the nutrients of their grown counterparts? Reduce inflammation, optimise physical and mental health, plus support immune function with our Micro Greens range.

Living Micro Greens

Despite their small size, Micro Greens are packed full of flavour and nutrients. Try incorporating into smoothies, pesto, salads or simply use as a garnish or side…

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*Available at select Coles stores.

Micro Nutrient Mix

Rich in anti-oxidants, the Micro Nutrient Mix is the perfect topping to your healthy meal. Simply add these cut Micro Greens to soups, sandwiches, pizza or toss through a salad.

*Only available at independent retailers.

Piccolo Salad Mix

The Piccolo Salad Mix is no regular Mesclun mix. This gourmet salad is a taste sensation, filled with a wide variety of exquisite leaves. Great as a salad base or as a healthy meal topping.

*Only available at independent retailers.

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lower risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Vitamin K for strong bones
  • Fibre to keep you regular and your gut bugs happy
  • Healthy, vibrant skin & hair with vitamin A
  • Vitamin C to support collagen synthesis
  • Reduce oxidative damage associated with visible ageing
  • Optimise gut microbiome for good mood and mental clarity
  • Potent antioxidants for brain and nerves
  • Support optimal hormone synthesis and function

Bush Foods Range

Experiment cooking with Australian Natives and naturalised Bush Foods today. Not only are they super nutritious, but they are delicious and super easy to incorporate into your everyday meal.


Saltbush leaves have a wonderful salty & herbaceous flavour. Try tossing through stir fries, drying and using as a seasoning or to flavour and infuse roast meats.

*Only available at independent retailers.

Edible Succulents

Their juicy, fat & ovate leaves have a light saltiness and lemony flavour. Perfect served with seafoods.

*Only available at independent retailers.

Native Spinach

Australia’s version of the common English spinach; easily incorporated into everyday meals.

*Only available at independent retailers.


Also known as Pig Face, this succulent has a light saltiness and is great served with seafood dishes.

*Only available at independent retailers.