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Pocket Herbs & Produce is delighted to offer the most discerning home cooks, chef’s and restaurateurs the freshest living Micro greens and one of the widest gourmet edible ranges on the market. These exquisite miniature plants are the jewels which will make your plate presentation shine and generate endless comments from your diners.  Because our varieties are selected for exceptional visual and flavour characteristics this is one garnish that will not be pushed around the plate. Many chef’s now use micro greens for creative garnishes or flavourings.  They can be used singularly, or in combinations to add colour or flavour to a dish. The exceptional colours of our micro greens add that special “wow!” to a dish.

Whether used as a garnish or the main ingredient of a recipe, micro greens deliver an added dimension to nearly any dish – from entrees, appetisers, salads and soups to even desserts! The various flavours of micro greens offer exciting food pairing opportunities… used in place of parsley or other finishing herbs, micro greens will add new and distinctive flavours to your favourite recipes and inspire new creations!


Pocket Herbs & Produce ‘living micro greens’ are delivered live in boxes containing 12 pots.  Each pot contains 60-300 seedlings and will provide 2-3 servings.


Micro greens should be stored in the box in a cool room where they will remain dormant for 5-6 days until ready to use. With a pair of scissors simply snip the quantity of greens desired.  Since they have been grown undercover and have never been sprayed, a light rinsing is all that should be required prior to use.  Please note that Basil micro greens should be stored above 4.5 Deg C (40 Deg F) to avoid cold damage. The shelf life of our product is around 1 week to 10 days depending upon variety and storage conditions.
To maintain produce quality, we strongly recommend transport and storage under chilled conditions with the ideal temperature and humidity being between 4-8 Degrees C and 50-70% RH.

As an alternative, eskies packed with ice can work well too.


Because of the delicate nature of micro greens and the extensive varieties available, we maintain limited micro greens in stock. A selection is available through our wholesale partners, but by special ordering (via our wholesalers) you can have your choice of varieties delivered exactly when you need them (delivery time frames apply). Our living micro greens require close coordination between the chef and the grower to select the most appropriate products for your menu needs!

Please note: Some varieties such as celery, basil, dill and mint require 18-28 days in the spring and summer and 21-35 days in the winter.  Most other varieties can be provided with 2 weeks notice.



These ranges are supplied in a mixture of punnets and cartons depending upon the product. Our punnets are made from PET which is fully recyclable. Where needed we include a small absorbent pad to take up excess moisture and prolong shelf life. We also supply in carton quantities, check with your supplier for packaging options available.


Store all of the product range in a refrigerator as you would any other fresh produce.


We aim to grow all product year round but due to weather, some products will not be able to be grown at certain times of the year. Please check with your preferred supplier for availability.