About Pocket Herbs & Produce

Pocket Herbs & Produce is a hydroponic grower of Micro Greens/Baby Leaf Herbs and living specialty fresh produce. Iain and Mandy Reynolds started the business in early 2008. We now employ over 20 staff.

We grow our crops in a controlled environment greenhouse using sustainable agricultural practices. These practices involve soilless growing techniques and the collection and re-use of rainwater; no fungicides, or chemical pesticides are used in growing the products. A large proportion of our power is from Solar PV panels and our management and staff use chemical free composting toilets!! In winter, we generate our heat from waste oil or environmentally friendly macadamia shells.

Pest management is handled using beneficial insects and other techniques.

All of our crops are grown from Non-GMO seed. Pocket Herbs & Produce is a registered growing and packing facility with Freshcare, the Australian on-farm assurance program. We will be applying for the HACCP based Food Safety Management Programme in 2017.

You can rest assured our products are safe for you, your customers and your family.